susan from seattle

Yeah, it’s been FOREVER since I posted.  Sorry….

It will take me several posts to catch everyone up.  After the divorce, I split to Key West and New Orleans — still two of my fav cities in the WORLD, but lousy places to do anything resembling w–k.  I tried modeling, but my sell-by date had long since passed for THAT.  Anyway, I ended up in Denmark helping a friend start up an unsuccessful fashion line.  That’s over now, and I’m back in Seattle up to my old…. tricks?

Bye for now.  I’ll be back.


I made ONE last trip to Europe for the season, and now I’ll be here until after New Years.  I’ll spend a couple of days working on the Copenhagen fashion thingie, and then most of the rest of the time unwinding.  It’s been a very busy summer… VERY busy… seems like the time just flew by.  I’m going to try to catch up on “me” stuff for a while.

{August 26, 2008}   What happened to the summer?????

I’ve been computer incommunicado nearly all summer… and enjoying it.

I want to apologize to anyone who’s sent me an e-mail and I haven’t responded.  I’ve been in Copenhagen for MOST of the summer, with a couple of brief trips to KW to check on a few things.  I’ve been almost totally living on savings for the past couple of months, with the exception of a couple of gentlemen in Europe I’ve been seeing very infrequently.

Bringing you up to date — I have an old friend (no — not THAT sort — he’s totally gay) who’s trying to put a new fashion house together out of Copenhagen.  It’s been very slow going, and we’re going to totally focus on European boutique markets (and a very limited few in the U.S.).  I’ve been doing some potential client relations and helping corrall the models.

Living in Copenhagen is total bliss.  It’s expensive, but it’s really the most totally cosmopolitan place I’ve ever lived.    The food is terrifically fattening, but I’m walking and biking a LOT more than in the U.S., so I’m actually in better shape than I was when I left.

Anyway, I’m back in the U.S. for a couple of weeks checking on a few things.  More later.

{May 13, 2008}   Back in KW…trying to rest

Too soon to see if it was a mistake or not, but I re-created my “myspace” page, mainly to reconnect with some friends in virtual space who have pages there… also, oddly enough, it’s been a great source of contacts on things like swingerfest and such.

Problem is, KW is my rabbit hole… it’s where I go to NOT party.  I’m getting something like 5 – 10 “let’s party!!!!!” messages a day from people who want to come to KW and naturally assume that they’ll get a slice of my time if they buy me a drink.  Sigh….

Dunno what to do.  I dont’ want to be unfriendly.  I’m glad to point them in the right directions, tell them which bars to avoid and which ones will help them score whatever it is they’re trying to score.  Girls seem to think KW is some sort of supercharged English-speaking Cabo, which it’s not.  Guys seem to think it’s a great place to score chicks, which it’s also not.  Despite the grunge-aspect of the touristi who end up there, it’s actually a pretty good place to hold up in a quite room, sip tea, catch up on what’s on TIVO, read a good book, and occasionally wander out for seafood.

{May 7, 2008}   Still Sleepless in Dallas

Been waiting nearly an hour for my date.  He was supposed to meet me here in the room for a late lunch at 3.  It’s 4….. he’s busy…. I’m bored…. what the hell, right?

For the record, Dallas this time of year varies from “too hot” to “too wet”.

{May 6, 2008}   Sleepless in Dallas

Not really, it’s 3 in the afternoon, and I’m totally bored.  I’m here with a date who’s negotiating some sort of major league sports contract, so he’s keeping the wierdest of hours and totally stressed to the max.  We’ve got a wonderful hotel room, and I brought a book, but DAMN there’s nothing to do.  I’m basically at his beck-and-call until he wanders back here, totally wiped out, and I’m supposed to keep him company.

Oh well, it beats schlepping coffee at Starbucks!

{May 2, 2008}   DC Madam…

I can’t make light of it…. I really can’t even comment on it.  I’m totally torn up about this.  It was bad enough that she’s been prosecuted for this crap — it was a totally political prosecution, of course.  Now, they’ve basically hounded her and one of her girls into suicide…. I’m speechless, yet I’ve GOT to say something.  I’ll say more later, after I’ve collected my thoughts.

I’m headed for Dallas on Sunday for a couple of days with a client there.  Hopefully, I’ll have my head screwed on straight by then.

{April 23, 2008}   WAS on my way to KW….

…and got side-tracked to NOLA.  Long story… Stopped in Atlanta to visit an old friend who dances there.  She’s trying to get me back into dancing, but I’m w-a-a-a-a-y past the “sell by” date for that.  Anyway…. she introduces me to a friend who has business in NOLA and needs a traveling companion / tour guide.  I tell him I hang out there regularly, and we ought to stay in the Windsor Court.

….well, wierdness abounds, I call Windsor Court to book a suite, and they’re BOOKED. WIerd, cuz they’re usually accomodating.  They offer to put us on a wait list, but we go over to the JW Marriott instead, which is actually nicer for business travelers.  Lo and behold, GEO BUSH and his entourage is hosting a 3-nation summit in NOLA, and I land in the middle of the whole mess.  Windsor Court is the host friggin HOTEL!  Damn…

Anyway, spent a week in NOLA, and now I’m back in Atlanta with my friend.  I’ll keep you posted on my sojourns…

{April 4, 2008}   its late, and I’m tired

I’ve been back since last night.  I’m crashing with the parents again until later in the month, when I’ll head out to KW and get some sunshine.  I may have a date in NOLA between now and then — depends on how someone’s business meeting schedules up.  Anyway…. I’m crashing.  Night-night.

{April 1, 2008}   And now it’s Tuesday

He’s been wrapped up in meetings all day, but it’s Copenhagen, and I’ve had the most wonderful time roaming the streets.  The coffee shops are amazing, and a “danish pastry” here doesn’t taste anything like a “danish” back home.  I’d turn into a pig if I lived here….. I really could live here, you know.  It’s marvelously liberal, and has a surprisingly active fashion scene.  I wouldn’t get back into modeling, but I could get involved in the whole fashion merchandising biz, in a way that I simply don’t want to do in America.  Americans in the fashion biz seem to turn crappy trying to immitate Europeans.  Europeans in the fashion biz don’t try to immitate anyone, and so they’re easier to deal with.  Ironic, but that’s my sense of it.

 Well, enough of this.  Looks like the only way I can keep up a blog is to do it from an internet cafe in Copenhagen.  (Yet another excuse for living here).


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